Rise of the Sphere

The Rise of the Sphere

The Sphere is a powerful government that controls a large area of Skyland. Originally, it was formed to deal with the disease, starvation, dehydration and violence that came with the cataclysm that formed Skyland, but end up becoming a brutal dictatorship.

About The Sphere Edit

Although the details are unclear, it is claimed that the Sphere was formed from former world leaders. They installed a dictatorship to take over all of human kind, under the guise of bringing order to the chaos on the blocks post-break up of Earth. They exclusively control the water made available to citizens in the form of water taxes. Bitter citizens suggest that the reason they collect water is to make a swimming pool for their leaders. Resistance is not tolerated, and even a mere insult will result in harsh punishment. The Sphere does not yet have control over the outer fringes of the Archipelago, and the Pirates fight desperately to keep it that way.

The GuardiansEdit

The Sphere

Diwan, Oslo and a Brigadier.

The Guardians are the supposed and self-described "Peace-keepers of Skyland", but are just the enforcers of a terrible regime. The Guardians are made-up of Seijin, who were taken away for their families and put into Guardian School. While they are still young, they are lead to believe that they are the good guys who are bring peace and order to the lawless reaches of Skyland. Most people on the other hand, see them as thugs and brigands.

Guardian field agents operate form Patrollers, and command Brigadiers. They actively patrol Sphere skies, collect water taxes form Sphere occupied blocks, guard water tankers and depots, and fight any rebels and pirates they come across. The Guardians maintain a huge fleet of Patrollers, but their resources are stretched having to instill order and authority over a massive frontier. Patrol groups usually brake-up into small squadrons of one to three Patrollers to search a wider area, only forming-up if they get into a fight, or they are revealed. A typical squadron is made up of five to six Brig-controlled Patrollers. An armada is made up of two to five Brig-controlled squadrons, and lead by a Guardian-controlled squadron.

The Monolith holds an armada of thirty Patrollers.

Water tankers are usually escorted by a small squadron controlled by the ship, or a cluster of floating mines.

Known Members of the Guardians:

  • Oslo — The leader of the Guardians.
  • Diwan — Oslo's apprentice.
  • Alice — A Guardian School Graduate whose loyalty is dubious, after being captured by the rebel pirates.
  • Jelola and Artimas — Lower ranking Gaurdians of the sphere.
  • Darius — Oslo's exiled twin brother.
  • Mila — Former Guardian who escaped the organization when she learned the truth about the Sphere.

Known Technology Used:

  • Kharzem Fortress — A cubed formation of Kharzem Prison Ships.
  • Kharzem Prison Ship — A cubed prison ship.
  • The Monolith — The flagship of the Graduate fleet.
  • Water tanker — Water-transport ships
  • Patroller — A multi-use fighter/troop-transport/patrol ship.
  • Brigadiers — Robotic infantry.