Seijins are a type of people found in Skyland, who possess supernatural abilities.

About Seijins Edit

Seijins are people gifted with supernatural powers believed activated by The Origin on the Temuera block which enhances the sunlight Seijins use. Their powers resemble psychokinetics with enhanced combat abilities based on the movement and throwing of sunlight converted into Seijin energy. The most powerful seijin is the proclaimed Lady of Light foretold by the Prophecy

Seijins, whose powers are fuelled by sunlight, are limited by this mechanism. Their powers can only be used while the sun is above the horizon, and wanes during the day with the height of the sun. The exception this rule is Oslo who has artificially enhanced his powers at the expense of his brother Darius' and his own health.

Known PowersEdit

  • Clairvoyance — The ability to project one's senses beyond one's body at any range.
  • Precognition — The ability to see into the future, or possible futures. This is a rare ability.
  • Photosynthesis — The power to absorb and store sunlight to power seijin abilities.
    • It is possible to adsorb a tremendous amount of solar energy through artificial lighting, but this is extremely dangerous.
  • Photonic-pojection — The ability to manifest light-constructs, with the ability to impact physical matter. Generally limited to more powerful or trained Seijins.
    • Visual Projections — Light-constructs of one's self or other images.
    • Photonic Blast — A burst of raw photonic power, akin to a Hadouken or Kamehameha attack.
    • Photonic Barrier — A shell or screen of concentrated photonic energy, used to stop weapon fire and photonic blasts.
  • Telekenisis — The ability to move and levitate objects with concentration.
    • Under special circumstances, this has been known to extend to control and manipulation of others, usually non-seijins.
  • Telepathy — The ability to read minds and transmit thoughts.


Some humans that posses this power can be capable of controlling it. It is still unknown how The Summoner separated the earth and activated seijin power. In the first place where did seijin power come from without The Summoner?

It should be noted that The Summoner is an unsourced page that appears to have no origin in canon as of yet. (Request for clarification.)