The Saint Nazaire coming into port

The Saint Nazaire is a heavy frigate owned by Cortes of the Rebel Pirates.


The Saint Nazaire was built at the same time as her sister ship, the Callisto, and was given to the Rebel Pirate, Cortes. The Saint Nazaire is likely built form the hull of a old navel frigate, from before the great catastrophe that turned the Earth into Skyland.


The Saint Nazaire has several fixed-forward heavy cannons and two mobile heavy turrets. The cannons are controlled from the bridge, while the turrets are manned.

The Saint Nazaire has a docking bay for up to ten Mosquito fighters, that can be deployed by opening the bomb-bay doors. It has a tanker for water, but additional tankers maybe placed in the hanger, but at the cost of the fighters. In the top deck, there are clamps for the Hyperion. If The Saint Nazaire is hauling fulled water tanks in its tank and fighter bay, then it is unable to carry the Hyperion on its hull, due to encumbrance. Since the Hyperion has better range than the Mosquitos, the Hyperion is used for escort if the St Nazaire is hauling a lot of water.

The wings on the side of the hull can fold upwards to allow for docking. This also expose the mounting rig which it uses to dock.

The Bridge is at the top-most deck, at the center of the ship. It is long and narrow, and is surrounded by widows. The pilot's seats are at the front, with the helm — an elevated platform — behind them, a control station behind that, and a seating area at the rear. And at the rear of the ship — above the twin thrusters — is the Captain's Lounge. The lounge is covered by a glass canopy.


  • The Saint Nazaire is possibly named after the raid of the port in Saint-Nazaire, France.
  • The glass canopy over the Captain's Lounge is strong enough to hold the weight of a heavy robotic spider called the Mogura (Mogura), suggesting that that the canopy is made of armored glass.