The Patroller is the ship used by the Sphere as its standard fighter craft and troop transport. It was designed by Tybald Ye. It is the Sphere's equivalent to the rebel's mosquitoes, but bulkier and better armored. The ships are normally piloted by Brigadiers, however Gaurdians such as Diwan and Alice also use them in the series.

Design and ConfigurationsEdit

The Sphere Patroller has an overall look of a sail with two short wings at its base. The Patroller is a multi-deck platform with an elevator along the spine of the ship. The bottom-most deck is the entry bay, while the top-most deck is the cockpit. Between those decks are two or more decks to hold cargo or Brigadier troops. One of the decks maybe quarters for a human passenger. The inside of the decks, including the elevator, is wide enough for two men to stand abreast.

As they are mass-produced in large numbers, they maintain a basic framework and uniformity that allows for easy maintenance and modification. The Sphere maintains multiple configurations of Patrollers for different needs or assignments. Most Patrollers seen in the series are dedicated troop transports that can be used as light freighters, if need be. Patrollers used by Guardians would likely have quarters (with bunks, toiletry, etc.) at the cost of troop capacity. Such ships serve as a Command Ship to a group of five Troop Transports. They are distinguished with a set of black vertical wings mounted on the normal wings. It is frequently shown that Patrol Groups of six, with one Command Ship and five Troop Transports, travel in a delta formation, likely to conserve energy.


  • Episodes 1 & 2, "Dawn of a New Day"
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 7
  • Episodes 9 - 14
  • Episodes 16-19
  • Episodes 21-26