Name: Mahad
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Seijin: No
Side: Rebel Pirate

Mahad is the other half of two protagonist, a brash, heroic young man, who is the brother of Lena, and the son of Mila and Marcus Farrell (supposedly).

About MahadEdit

Mahad and Lena

Mahad with his sister Lena.

Mahad is full of life, a show off, likable, charming, full of himself and adventuresome. When he was younger, he was always unhappy because he didn't have a father and his mother was a lot like Lena. In pilot school, he was always in detention due to making extreme moves on the simulator. Though not a Seijin, his goal is to free his mother. Until that time, he will slug it out with the Sphere. Though young, Mahad is unequalled as a pilot of his father's ship the Hyperion and after him, he is the best pilot in all of Skyland. Though his younger sister, Lena, always insists Dahlia is "too old for him", Mahad keeps trying to convince Dahlia he's the guy for her. He has enormous, often misplaced, self-confidence. His weapon of choice is his boomerang.