Skyland Lena
Name: Lena
Age: 12
Sex: Female
Seijin: Yes
Side: Rebel Pirate

Lena is other half of two the protagonist a young but powerful Seijin, who is the sister of Mahad, and the daughter of Mila and Marcus Farrell (supposedly).

About LenaEdit

Intelligent, reasonable, calm but determined, impetuous. When someone she loves in is danger, Lena is a very mature, and formidable, 12-year old girl. She alternates between carefree playing and grim determination. Adventure isn't an end in itself, only a necessary step along the way. Lena is a powerful Seijin, believed by Oslo to be the 'Lady of Light' from the prophecy. She has the powers of telekinesis and telepathy, as well as other abilities such as powering energy and creating energy bolts and balls,  projecting memories, and remotely sensing the presence of things and people. She can even levitate herself to great heights, as  seen during an aerial battle with Diwan in the episode "The Heart of the Arena". She is beginning to control her telekinesis, but it tires her quickly. She has still very little control over her telepathy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mahad and Lena

Lena with her brother Mahad.

Lena inherited powerful Seijin abilities from her mother Mila, but up until the latter abduction has had little experience with controlling and using her powers. This was seen as although Lena was a powerful Seijin, her lack of experience led her to being defeated by Diwan (who was unable to harm Mila in any way) during their first few one-on-one encounters.