Name: Diwan
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Seijin: Yes
Side: The Sphere

Diwan is a skilled, but cruel Seijin, who is Oslo's second-in-command within the Guardians.

About DiwanEdit

She is loyal to the Sphere and will do anything in order to please the Sphere and her commander despite her rough treatment. Some characters have even confronted her on how lowly Oslo views her, but these attempts have been met with aggression. Anything that displeases her Commander or upsets the Sphere's control and goals is met with great disdain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a high-ranking Seijin, Diwan has powerful telekinetic and telepathic abilities such that she was even able to initially take-on and defeat Lena, who despite her amazing raw power was not yet as experienced as Diwan. The only Seijin more powerful than her (as shown in the show), are Oslo, Mila, later Lena. She is ranked above Jelola and Artemis and assumed to be a more powerful seijin than either.