Name: Dahlia
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Seijin: No
Side: Rebel Pirate / temporary The Sphere

Dahlia has moved into the world of adults, but is nevertheless attracted to Mahad's rebellious and youthful spirit, as well as his love for freedom. She finds Mahad's arrogance both irritating and appealing, which sets an interesting tension between them. She seems to enjoy giving Mahad grief.

In Episode "Eye of the Storm" , she nearly kissed Mahad, had Lena not saved them. She often acts "serious" in order to distinguish herself from the "kids" but she breaks down from time to time and shows her mischievous side.

She is proud to fight alongside Cortes and protect the people of Puerto Angel. She is a valued member of the pirates. Her weapon of choice is an energy bow and arrow. Mahad and others who disobey her are often quick to see the sharp side of her tongue.

In Episode"Manipulations", She was Control by Oslo to use her to find the pirate hind out and to give the location to Oslo so that he will sent his army to Mahad and Lena where they at and that Oslo use her to put the blame on Lena is the one that hit the Water storage tank but Mahad is find out that it is oslo and The Vector help Lena that it is her that she put Digital decoder on Lena while Lena Was A Sleeping and put her Boots on Her.