Name: Cheng
Age: 12
Sex: Male
Seijin: No
Side: Rebel Pirate

Ching is a young member of the Rebel Pirates, who serves as a technician.

About LenaEdit

Cheng, despite his incredible intellect, is really still a child. He loves to fool around: missions are like video games in the great outdoors and he loves to play practical jokes on people. He is a very good hacker. He'll do anything for attention, like speaking in rhymes. He also seems to have a slight crush on both Lena and Celia. Cortes is his foster father. His parents were Pirate scientists that he believes are deceased. He thinks his only living relative is his grandfather, Tybald Ye, a scientist who is truly on the Pirates' side but pretends to be a Sphere supporter. His weapon of choice is a laser bazooka.