Name: Celia
Age: unknown, suspected 12
Sex: Female
Seijin: Yes
Side: Rebel Pirates

Celia is a young seijin refugee form the Sphere from episode 7, "Mutiny".

Psychical AppearanceEdit

Celia is a young girl; she appears to be the height of Lena and Cheng. She has short, black hair, and brown eyes.

About CeliaEdit

The Pirates safe her from the Sphere, and from the Academy. Soon afterwards, Lena discovers that Celia can not speak. Though her Seijin powers, Lena discovers that she is called Celia, and that she is a Seijin as well. Celia's very scared, and jumpy. Lena becomes her teacher on Puerto Angel; helping her to unlock her full powers. Lena slowly wins her trust, and at the end of the episode, Celia learns to speak again. She appears to have a crush on Cheng; calling him "cute" telepathically.