Name: Brigadiers
Age: n/a
Sex: n/a
Seijin: No/
Yes for Alphas
Side: The Sphere

Brigadiers are the robotic enforcers of the Sphere, invented by Tybald Ye.

About Brigadiers Edit

Brigadiers are mostly called "brigs". Possibly used because of manpower or loyalty issues, Brigadiers are programmed to pilot Sphere ships, operate independently as well as under the guidance of a Guardian, and are usually sent to "discipline" wayward blocks. They are considered to be technological masterpieces by most among the scientific or technology-minded, however, despite their technological complexity, their accuracy appears to be terrible and they can be destroyed quite easily.

It has been noted on occasions that Brigadiers have different models, and that old, discontinued models are scraped. Many older models are used for non-combat roles, including unskilled labor and combat training. In some cases, they are put out into battle where they are expected to loose. Such tactics are used for traps and decoys.

The earliest models of Brigadiers had cloth-covering, and lacked the jagged "jawbone" that are so iconic with current Brigs. Their "jawbone" looked more like a chin-guard on a helmet.

Alpha BrigsEdit

Using extracted Seijin energy from Mila, Oslo created the Alpha Brigs; robots that use Seijin powers and are practically indestructible. They are simply constructed and move like Guardians. Their appearance differs form basic Brigadiers in that they have less armor, and they glow with a set of blue lights.

All of the current units were drained of their powers and were destroyed.