Name: Alice
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Seijin: Yes
Side: The Sphere (Rebel Pirate sympathizer)

Alice is a young member of the Guardians.

About Alice Edit

A recently graduated Guardian who crash-landed on Puerto Angel and was captured. She believed that the Sphere were the "good guys" and the pirates the "bad guys." She managed to escape by tricking Mahad - who was on guard duty - and hid in the Mosquito bay. When Mahad captured her, she promised not to tell the Sphere about their location but he didn't trust her. Alice threw Mahad out an open door but used her powers to save him. Out of pity, he hid her in his closet. However, Lena discovered her during a block-wide search and, through a telepathic communion, Alice learned from Lena that she was wrong about the Sphere. With the help of Cheng who fixed her Patroller, they planned to have Alice find their mother. Suddenly, they were intercepted by Diwan, whom Alice tricked into allowing them to escape. Now a supporter of the pirates, Alice plans to tell the other Guardians the truth, wherever she is reassigned.