Episode 22, Season 2
Air date: April 1, 2007
Previous episode:
"The Book of Worlds"
Next episode:
"Blue Sky"

Taking a joyride in the Hyperion, Mahad and Lena nearly crash into Jonah, a security specialist fleeing the Sphere. Jonah explains he was hired to create a particular temporary holding cell on the Monolith for a "very important Seijin". Mahad and Lena are overjoyed -- it has to be their mother and now they know EXACTLY where to find her! Mahad comes up with a plan that gets him and Lena onto the Monolith. After some careful maneuvering, the children are blissfully reunited with their mother, but only briefly as Oslo and Diwan discover their whereabouts. Sadly, Mila realizes once again she must sacrifice herself for her children to escape. As Lena and Mahad speed away, Lena has a vision of the hangar where the Hyperion was found. Telling Mahad this is where they need to go next, the episode ends. (Note: In Canada this episode was originally scheduled to air as #24, right before the two-part finale, so this may explain the conclusion of the episode which does not continue into the two episodes listed below)